Watchman who defiled his 13-year-old daughter gets 25 years imprisonment

A Security guard who defiled his Thirteen-year-old daughter on the night his wife was admitted in hospital with their toddler has been jailed for 25 years.

The father of three is alleged to have pounced on his daughter when his wife and the mother of his kids was in hospital taking care of their lastborn who was admitted at KNH.

A Kibera court ruled that the prosecution had proved the incest case against M.O and sentenced him to 25 years behind bars.

Trial Magistrate Monica Maroro in her ruling said M.O failed to provide fatherly love to his daughter as is required by law but he instead took advantage of her in such a manner.

” The offence of defilement has been successful proved, the accused person failed to provide his fatherly love to the girl and instead decided to defile her, I have considered both his defence, mitigation and the prosecution’s case and I sentence him to 25 years in jail,” the court ruled

In her judgement, Maroro said the victim who is M.O daughter testified of how her father defiled her when her mother was away.

The young teen told court that on that day, her mother was admitted at KNH with her younger brother and they were left home with her dad and brother.

She said that his dad went home and made dinner for them which they ate together as a family.

However, a few minutes later when her brother had gone to sleep her father started making advances towards her and she pushed him away.

She went to bed and claims that at around 5 am she woke up to find that her dad had removed her clothes and defiling her.

She screamed and caught the attention of neighbours who went to rescue her from her father.

One of the neighbours called the mother and informed her what had happened.

But, in his defence, M.O said he never sexually assaulted his daughter and he does not know why she would do such a thing.

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