Senate committee to visit Pastor Ezekiel Mavueni church

The adhoc senate committee is expected to visit Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life church in Mavueni on Monday next week.

Pastor Ezekiel Lawyer Danstan omari has confirmed that the Senate committee will be in Mavueni on Monday.

Reports from reliable sources have said that the senate committee has confirmed that it will visit the church to see what is on the ground.

On Friday, while appearing before the committee Pastor Ezekiel extended an invitation to the committee saying they were welcome to go and see what he does on the ground.

He told them that no government official had ever visited despite him being persecuted.

Speaking to CH news, Omari said they have asked the minister for interior, the DCI, IG, the Mutava Task Force to go to Mavueni but he says they have always pretended like they have no ears.

“Our request to the senate has been responded to expeditiously. The senate represents 55 million Kenyans they will be doing great justice to Ezekiel and his 10 million followers,” he said

Omari said as his defense team, they were grateful and thanked the Mungatana led committee for being responsive and heeding to their call.

“It’s an indictment on other government agencies who have condemned pastor Ezekiel unheard. Mavueni is a crime scene according to them but they have never visited the crime scene,” Omari said

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