Rwandese National accuses Kenyan businessman of swindling millions from his 300 M tech company.

A Rwandese national has accused his Kenyan acquaintance of swindling him of his Sh 300 M tech company that he set up in his name.

Desire Muhinyuza claims that a Kenyan named Kirimi Koome who he used to register his company has been withdrawing money without his consent.

He says he used him as a proxy to register the company as he sought to regularize his work permit.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari Omari, Muhinyuza says that he was the initiator of financial transactions from the Company’s bank accounts while Kirimi Koome was the authorizer, by dint of the position he held temporarily as a director.

According to court papers is Stay online is a Fintech company firstly registered in Rwanda in the year 2013 having started by 2 founders to address the challenges in the software development industry.

The company started operations in June 2023 and soon after, Koome started sending extortionist messages to Muhinyuza holding the company at ransom until his demands were met.

He says Koome’s demands were met in order to continue Stay Online Ltd operations and he voluntarily ceased his directorship but once again fraudulently gained control of the Company and illegally continued accessing the Company’s bank accounts, an act he says can only be classified as stealing.

“Kirimi Koome’s continued and illegal access to Stay Online Ltd bank accounts led to the institution of a suit Nairobi High Court Commercial Suit No. E357 of 2023 (Stay Online Limited V Kirimi Koome & United Bank of Africa) which was recently struck out for non-adherence to the Companies Act during transfer of shares and installment of a new director, Ambrose Obara,” reads court papers.

He says the striking out of the said suit leaves him financially exposed as Koome will continue to fraudulently access the Stay Online Ltd bank accounts to the detriment of the company.

Omari has asked the court to enjoin his client as an interested party in the case where Stay Online accounts have been frozen and Koome has filed an objection claiming he is the sole director.

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