EACC rubbishes KERRA employee’s defence that he raised 21 M for dowry urges court not to unfreeze.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has rubbished claims by suspended KERRA employee Daniel Wambua that he raised Sh 21 M for his dowry payment.

In a further affidavit, EACC maintains that the explanations provided to court by Wambua do not hold water.

“The explanations are general statements which are not convincing and which do not make specific reference to the source, amount, date and documentations at back up the said explanations as to the source of money preserved,” reads court papers,

The Agency further argues that Wambua has not demonstrated that the enforcement of the preservation orders has caused him undue hardship that far outweighs the risk of subject money being concealed or transferred.

It says that the freeze orders do not interfere with his farming and other businesses that he has been doing so he is not financially incapacitated and he can continue with the business.

EACC maintains that the photographs, WhatsApp screenshots and listed contributions are not conclusive evidence that the monies in the banks were raised to be paid for dowry as alleged by Wambua.

EACC has also questioned by the dowry was not paid on August 4 and 5 when the ceremony was scheduled to take place considering the bank account had over Sh 18.6 million.

“This is evidence that the monies in the said bank account was never intended for dowry payment. The explanation that dowry can be paid after the ceremony is therefore an afterthought” reads court papers.

Wambua through his lawyer Danstan Omari has maintained that the money was fundraised through a Whatsapp group from his family and friends.

Six of his friends have equally sworn affidavits confirming that indeed there was a group that fundraised the money.

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