Nyaribo under Sieke? The hunter becomes the hunted, are the spirits of Ombati hounding him out of office?

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo is a man under siege with MCA’s threatening to Impeach him and doctors issuing a strike notice all in a span of days.

Now in a bid to quell the fires, Nyaribo has now reached to MCA’s asking for a meeting with them as soon as possible preferably this weekend.

In a letter to the Speaker, County Secretary Jack Magara has asked for the consultative meeting with MCAs.

“The governor requests for a consultative meeting with all Hon. Members of the County Assembly at a date convenient to the house between September Friday 15 and Sunday 17,” the letter reads in part.

The MCA’s have threatened to impeach him for sacking Health CEC Timothy Ombati.

28 out 33 MCA’s had backed the decision to sack Nyaribo saying they would all vote to remove him from office.

Many residents interviewed by Court Helicopter who did not want their identity disclosed stated that Ombati was the pillar of Nyaribo’s government and his exist is likely to shake the governor’s grip of Nyamira politics to the core.

Ombati was recently elected the chair of all the 47 health CEC’s in the whole country.

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