Famous club 1824 owner billionaire Wilson Kanani is yet again on the EACC radar as court freezes 643 M of his money.

Famous Club 1824 owner Billionaire Wilson Kanani is yet again on the radar of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission which has secured orders to freeze Sh 643 M of his assets and cash.

Kanani is a city hall junior employee working as development control officer II and earning a mere Sh 55 K salary but is worth over 2.4 billion.

In December last year, the court had also frozen Sh 43 M of his assets after EACC said they suspected the money was from proceeds of corruption

EACC got orders freezing Sh 643 M of his assets and cash that he has failed to explain its source.

Some of the assets that have been frozen include a Toyota Landcruiser V8 registration KDB valued at Sh 7 million, Two Mercedes Benz registration KCL and KCZ both valued at Sh 3.1 M and 3.4 M respectively.

Four parcels of land in Busia value at Sh 11.2 M, Naivasha valued at Sh 3.5 M and an apartment block on Kahawa Downs valued at Sh 6.5 M.

The court has also frozen money that was deposited in 12 different accounts all associated to Kanani.

EACC has told court that Kanani is under investigations for allegedly being involved in corruption.

“An analysis of the flow of funds in the bank accounts also revealed irregular activities considering his known legitimate source of income is his salary of Sh 55,866 per month

According to court papers, from January 2016 to October 2022, Kanani had made over Sh 2.4 billion from four of his companies some of which he owns with this wife.

Kananu’s wife Regina Mutinda was also named in the case by EACC as an accomplice of her husband.

The court has equally frozen money that had been deposited in Kananu’s children back accounts. The children are below 18 but he has opened accounts in their names where he deposits millions of shillings.

The commission has also claimed that Kanani was convicted in 2010 for the offence of soliciting of bribes through his current office.

However, the EACC also said Kanani was able to satisfactorily explain the source of Sh 1.8 billion and only failed to explain the other Sh 643 million which has since been frozen.

According to court documents, the company Seventeen Forty Nine which is operates as 1824 had made over Sh 1.3 billion between the years 2016 and 2022.

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