Woman in battle for Nyachae 2 B estate breaks down in court

A US based woman who has laid claim to late powerful minister Simeon Nyachae’s Sh 2 billion estate on Thursday broke down in court when he recounted his last days.

Margaret Chweya a nurse in the US couldn’t hold back her tears when she recounted the setbacks, she encountered trying to access Nyachae during his last days.

She told Justice Eric Ogolla that the last time she saw him physically wat late 2009 and thereafter the phone calls and visits declined due to his illness.

Chweya said that when she was told that Nyachae was very sick admitted in hospital she flew to Kenya but was blocked from seeing him.

She did her investigations and found out that he had been taken to London for medical check-up but didn’t know the hospital that he was in.

She hired an investigator in the UK to look for him but when he finally got to know the hospital, Nyachae had already been discharged and flown back to Kenya.

An emotional Chweya told court that as a nurse she wanted to take care of him in his last days but was not allowed to.

“Your honour it pains me but I have to be frank with you I was told that mzee was on a wheelchair in his last days and he was neglected. I am nurse I wanted to take care of him”

She further said that she loved the late Nyachae even though he was not visiting often but he would provide for all their needs.

The court also heard that the house in Loresho where the family is staying in now was bought over 40 years ago by Nyachae for her.

Chweya has insisted that she was Nyachae’s fourth wife and wants a stake in his vast estate.

However, Nyachae’s family has opposed to her being included saying she was never married to him and her children are not relared to them.

Leon Nyachae one of the late ministers’ sons swore an affidavit claiming Chweya was married to four men in the course of her life and not his father.

Chweya has denied the allegations only saying that she married one of them for convenience and they never ever met it was only on paper.

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