Three who violently robbed an Italian and sexually assaulted a woman charged in court.

Three men who violently robbed an Italian Sh 13.5 M and thereafter sexually assaulted a woman have been charged before a Kibera court.

They are alleged to have violently robbed the Italian and indecently touching a woman.

Nashon Otieno Angudha, Felix Ochieng Nyongesa and Jack Ouma Okwiri were arraigned before Senior Principal Magistrate Jacqueline Kahuya and denied the charges.

According to the state, the three committed the offence on October 28, 2023 at house number 685 in Runda Glory Valley Estate within Nairobi County.

It is alleged that they robbed Thor Bloomfield a gold necklace valued at USD 10000 and a Rolex watch valued at USD 20,000 all valued at USD 30,000 and at the same time injured him.

They were further charged with a second count of allegedly robbing another Victim a woman of USD 60,000, a gold necklace, valued at USD 12,000 and a diamond hearing valued at USD 5000 all valued at USD 87,000 and immediately after the time of search robbery used actual violent to the said woman.

In the third count, the three were charged with charged committing an indecent act with a woman where they allegedly intentionally using their hands touched the private parts and breast of a woman against her will.

In another count, Otieno was separately charged with possessing forged bank notes against the Law.

He was charged that on October 28, 2023 at Kilimani area within Nairobi County without lawful authority he was found possessing USD 9,899 forged USD Currency note for 100 denomination.

The magistrate released them on Sh300, 000 with an alternative bond terms of Sh4million.

The case will be mentioned on November 15 for a pre-trial.

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