State says Mathe Wa Ngara and her kids are a poison to the society

The state now says that Mathe Wa Ngara and her two children are a poison to the society and should be isolated by being remanded in custody.

While opposing to their release on bail, the prosecution asked the court not the grant the three persons bail pending hearing and determination of the case.

The police have also asked the court not to grant the fourth person Teresia Wanjiru any bail saying she is also liable to drug trafficking charges.

The four are in court on allegations of drug trafficking where it is alleged that they trafficked cannabis worth Sh 18 million.

In an affidavit filed in court by investigating officer Stephen Chesire, he claims that the four are poison to the society and should be locked up.

“The accused persons be isolated from society so they do not continue poisoning the society in which they live in,” Chesire says.

Chesire has also told court that if released on bail then the four will run away from court jurisdiction due to the seriousness of the offense.

“Should the respondents be released before the investigations are complete, there is likelihood that they will interfere with the investigations and compilation of evidence,” court was told.

The prosecution also asked court to deny them bail because they intend to engage vital witnesses who upon interviewing and recording their statements may lead to more arrests of the accomplices.

The state has also told court that they have very strong evidence against the four that will lead to a conviction.

The court has also been informed that Mathe Wa Ngara has a pending drug trafficking case before the Kahawa Law courts

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