State and defense in killer cop Rashid murder case both disown application filed by ‘stranger’ saying he has no locus.

The DPP and the defense in alleged Killer cop Ahmed Rashid murder case have both disowned an application by a man calling himself a victim in the matter.

This came out during the mention of the case at the Kibera High court where Rashid appeared physically in court for the first time.

Justice Diana Kavedza informed parties that there was an application filed by Lawyer John Khamiwa for a man named Mohammed claiming he was a victim.

The prosecutor told court that they were not aware of that application further saying even if it was there, he had no locus in the matter as he was not a party in the case.

Lawyer Danstan Omari concurred with the DPP and reiterated to the press that the petitioner there is an irritant, a busybody hired by civil society to derail the process of hearing

“This is a person who escaped from Kenya and there is a warrant of arrest from Makadara so he is misguided,” Omari said.

The pre-trial was adjourned to tomorrow due to a mix up in the dates as it had been listed on two dates.

Rashid was charged with the murder of two boys in Eastleigh who were alleged to be robbers.

The prosecution is set to serve the defense with all documentary evidence and exhibits to be used in the trial which they told court was voluminous.

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