‘Shakahola brothers’ Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta face off in court as they find themselves on opposing sides in 300 M case.

City Lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta who are popularly known as ‘Shakahola brothers’ on Monday faced off in court for the first in months as they represented opposing clients.

The two who have been appearing together in practically every case since March this year when they took over Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s today appeared on different sides.

 They were the lawyers in the case where a Rwandese has claimed ownership of a tech company valued at Sh 300 M which a Kenyan businessman has also laid claim to.

 Omari represents the Rwandese national while Ombeta represents the Kenyan and the company Stay online ltd.

 The two lawyers put their best foot forward and submitted passionately for their clients putting their bromance aside to represent their interests in the matter.

They fought each other like tigers tearing each other arguments but spicing their arguments with hilarious comedy. Many of those in court were mesmerised how the two can fight like the kamikaze solders of japan

 Since March this is the first time that the two are appearing on opposing sides as they have been inseparable.

 They have jointly alongside others lawyers led the legal teams for Odero, Senator Mazdayo, MP Babu Owino, Ceva international,Aisha Jumwa, Kianjakoma Murder case ,Former CS Fred Matiang’i, SSU case and recently Mathe Wa Ngara drug trafficking case.

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