Pastor Ezekiel’s threats to proceed with crusade flops after his lawyer is served with cancellation notice.

Pastor Ezekiel’s threats to go on with crusade flops after his lawyer was served with official cancellation notice.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s threats to proceed with the mega crusade that was stopped by police flopped after his lawyer was served with the cancellation notice.

Odero had threatened to proceed with the crusade arguing that the same police had allowed the crusade but came to stop it on the same day after it had taken off.

This morning the police served his lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta with the notice of cancellation.

His lawyers say they will seek legal redress for the cancellation of the crusade.

Policeman cordoned off the venue with roadblocks on all entries to kilifi to ensure that the crusade does not take place.

Police have stopped pastor Odero’s mega crusade in Kilifi because of what they term as security reasons.

In a letter to the church, Kilifi OCPD Kenneth Maina has said the request to hold the crusade which started yesterday had been declined.

“Be notified your request to hold the said crusade has been declined due to security reasons. Any further meeting or gathering held on the same grounds will be considered illegal and unlawful” the letter reads.

This is despite the same police clearing the church getting a permit to hold the crusade at the venue in Mweza Ng’ombe area from today Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 October after paying Sh 15,000 fee for the grounds.

Yesterday, Odero said he will defy the illegal orders issues by OCPD Kilifi Kennedy Maina who entered the grounds and forced them to stop live recordings of the crusade saying they were orders from above.

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