Pastor Ezekiel’s lawyers want senate to allow them be present during Mackenzie’s testimony.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s lawyers led by Lawyer Danstan Omari have asked the senate ad hoc committee to allow them be part of Mackenzie’s proceedings.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie is expected to appear before senate on Tuesday morning where he is expected to testify in the Shakahola deaths matter.

In a letter to the committee, Omari says they are aware that Mackenzie has been summoned to appear it was imperative that Odero;s legal team is present during the proceedings.

“In light of the said summons, it is imperative that our client’s interests are safeguarded during these proceedings. Therefore, it is our humble request that, as our clients’ principal advocates, we be allowed to take part in these proceedings” the letter reads.

Odero testified on Friday last week and distance himself from Mackenzie saying he didn’t know him personally but saw him preaching on TV. Then years later met him once when he wanted to buy Times TV from Mackenzie.

Mackenzie is also expected to tell the committee the relationship he had with Odero if there was any.

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