Nyaribo has lied to court about my involvement in the distribution of drugs saga, Ombati claims.

Health CEC Timothy Ombati now claims that Governor Amos Nyaribo has lied to court about his involvement in the distribution of drugs saga that led to his dismissal.

In a new affidavit filed in court, Ombati says Nyaribo has misrepresented facts in his affidavit to court.

“The governor has misrepresented facts because as at the time of the launch, both of us believed that we were launching the whole consignment as it had not been dully communicated to me and to the governor that the suppliers were experiencing any challenge,” the affidavit reads.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Ombati has vehemently denied all facts made by the Governor’s in his replying affidavit except the circumstances leading to his unlawful and unfair dismissal from employment.

Ombati says that from the document, the Governor has confirmed that the reason he opted to dismiss him was for the reason of delay of supply of drugs by MEDS who had been assigned the responsibility of distributing the drugs to the 126 health facilities.

“It is clearly evidence that the success of the delivery of the drugs as the governor desired was not a responsibility under my solo control even while we all wanted the public to witness the one-off distribution of the drugs that would have attracted praises and accolades too him,” Ombati says.

Ombati says that while they agree that there were logistical challenges during the launch of the supply of the drugs by the supplier, it is unreasonable that Nyaribo rushed to judgement and despite the apologies and regrets from the supplier who caused them embarrassment, he proceeded to unfairly an unlawfully dismiss him from employment.

He has also accused the governor of having little regard for the law saying he has disobeyed court orders.

He has asked the court to grant him the conservatory order saying his application has met the threshold for grant of the orders.

In the case, Ombati wants the court to reinstate him back to his position pending hearing and determination of his case against the governor.

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