KTDA factory director wants BBC to pay him 100 M for defamation over the sex abuse expose.

Nairobi, July 4, 2024 – John Chebochok, a director at a Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) factory, has issued a legal demand to the BBC, seeking Sh100 million in damages for defamation. Chebochok was featured in a BBC documentary last year, which alleged he sexually exploited women at his workplace.

Chebochok, represented by lawyer Danstan Omari, vehemently denies the allegations and asserts that they were fabricated by his opponents to damage his reputation. In a demand letter to the BBC, Chebochok contends that the accusations are part of a broader scheme to undermine his career and political aspirations.

“There appears to be a well-calculated scheme to disenfranchise and throw our client’s reputation into disrepute based on serious and unproven allegations. This is believed to be orchestrated by political and professional rivals, including those who sought to acquire Finlays,” Omari stated.

Chebochok was previously a senior manager at Finlays, a prominent tea plantation company, before being suspended following the BBC’s broadcast. Omari argues that the accusations were politically motivated, highlighting Chebochok’s role in implementing mechanization at Finlays, which led to job losses and stirred opposition from local politicians.

“The defamatory portrayal of our client has strained his relationships within his community and professional circles, subjecting him to significant emotional and psychological distress. The malicious broadcast has led to unwarranted stigma and public ridicule,” Omari asserted.

The letter points out that none of the alleged victims, who described Chebochok as a ‘predator’ and a ‘sex pest’ in the documentary, have filed complaints with the police. Omari emphasized that Chebochok himself is the rightful complainant, having reported instances of harassment through SMS and WhatsApp to the police.

“Our client has not been charged in any court of law or by any competent judicial body concerning the allegations in your documentary. The BBC’s report violated his rights to privacy and presumption of innocence, subjecting him to public ridicule without due process,” the letter continues.

Chebochok’s long tenure at Finlays includes nearly 28 years of service, rising from Assistant Manager to Senior Manager before his suspension. He temporarily resigned in 2017 to run for Member of Parliament for Kipkelion Constituency but returned to Finlays to oversee the mechanization process due to his expertise.

Omari has given the BBC a three-day deadline to retract the story and comply with their demands. If not met, legal action will be pursued against the international media outlet.

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