Jowie gets maximum death sentence for the death of Monica Kimani.

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been handed a death sentence in the Monica Kimani murder case after being found guilty of killing her in 2018.

Justice Grace Nzioka on Wednesday said after considering mitigation and pre-sentence reports a death sentence was sufficient.

Jowie was found guilty of the offense of murder while his co-accused Jacque Maribe was acquitted for lack of evidence.

In her ruling, Justice Nzioka said a non-custodial sentence would not suffice.

“I have have of course taken into account the issues of Public interest, based on everything I have said, I have ordered that the first accused person before this court being Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie shall serve death sentence” she ruled.

In coming up with that sentence, the judge also considered the aggravating factors of the murder where on September 20,2018 Monica Kimani’s body was found lying on a pool of blood and that the Postmortem report proved that she died of severe injuries.

Judge Nzioka further noted that the objectives of a punishment should be retributed to punish the offender for his actions, deterrence to prevent future offences, rehabilitation to give the convict an opportunity to be rehabilitated with a view that he can reform and finally restitution and community protection.

Further adding that a punishment should serve a reconciliation and reintegration.

It was her further view that the principle of a sentence should be minimum intervention meaning that the convict must benefit from the sentence.

She also said that sentence must meet the principle of proportionality, meaning that it should not be more or less depending on the nature of the offence committed.

According to the Judge, the court should be able to give reasons of arriving at a certain sentence.

The court Judge said that all ingredients of murder had been proved beyond reasonable doubt and that all the evidence and the doctrine placed Jowie Irungu at the murder scene.

The Judge said that the evidence proved that indeed he murdered the deceased in her house.

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