Jeff Mwathi’s mum warned him of imminent danger if continued hanging out with DJ Fatso.

The late Jeff Mwathi’s mother warned him of imminent dangers if he continued hanging out with DJ Fatso that evening that he went to meet him for a job.

Hannah Mwathi who was testifying in the inquest into her late son’s death told court that their last conversation before he died she had told him to go home but he insisted that Fatso would drop him.

Hannah recounted her last chats and voice notes that her late son sent to her when he was with the DJ.

The prosecution also played the voice note that she sent to him warning him of Nairobi people and hanging out with the wrong crowd and encouraged him to go home alone and not wait for Fatso.

According to her, as a parent she was only alerting him because she knew that Nairobi had many issues.

She said that they were good friends with Jeff and that’s why she was open with him but even after telling the son to go home,he insisted that he will be dropped by DJ Fatso.

She told court that the last time she heard from her son that night was when he called her at around 10 pm and shouted ‘Mum’ then his phone disconnected and she couldn’t reach him.

She believes that he might have been calling out for help but his phone taken from him because that’s the last time she heard from him.

Hannah told court that Jeff was very excited to meet DJ Fatso and even told her he had dressed smartly.

She also said that Jeff was ok and could not have committed suicide as has been alleged by some people.

“Naomba hii koti inipatie justice ya mtoto wangu,” she said

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