Governor Nyaribo accused of appointing his underqualified niece to head the accounts department.

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo has been accused of nepotism for allegedly employing his underqualified niece as head of accounting services.

In the motion tabled for his impeachment, nepotism has been listed as one of the reasons for his removal from office.

The motion was moved by Josiah Mang’era MCA Esise Ward 

It has been alleged that Nyaribo appointed his niece Purity Nyamboga a junior accountant to the position of Head of Accounting Services which is a top level management position.

According to the motion, the appointment was not done through a competitive process which is a clear act of nepotism and favoritism.

“This appointment points to ulterior motives on the part of the governor a clear abuse of his powers for self-gain. Moreover, Nyamboga is not qualified to hold such senior position as she lacks the requisite experience for appointment to such a position,” the motion states.

The MCAs further argue that the county government is at risk as far as financial management is concerned and will be exposed to possible losses of public funds and ridicule.

“Nyamboga’s appointment to the management of the county’s financial management and her relationship to the governor points to a pattern of an elaborate plan to swindle county resources for the governor’s benefit,” they argued.

The MCAs want the Governor out for abusing his office in various forms including misuse of public funds, nepotism, favoritism and other unethical or illegal activities related to his official duties.

Nyaribo has also been accused of irregularly appointing Godfrey Kiriago Nyangau and Elmelda Kemunto Nyaberi to the positions of Director Human Resources and Payroll Management.

“The two officers were “cherrypicked” and appointed to these key positions in the County Public Service a clear manifestation of ulterior motives on the part of the Governor,” the motion states.

They argue that the competencies and qualifications of the two officers could not be ascertained and the County Government of Nyamira suffered a possible loss of public funds in salaries paid to them.

They further claim that the two oversaw and superintended over the payment of illegal, unexplained and irregular salaries to themselves, to the Governor himself, and three other County Employees.

“In August 2023, upon assumption to their new officers at the county, the two officers paid themselves irregular salary arrears for four months – March, April, May and June 2023,” the MCA’s claim.

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