DJ Brownskin’s in-laws tell court that they believe he incited their late sister to commit suicide.

Popular DJ Brownskin’s in-laws on Monday told a Nairobi court that they believe that it was their late sister’s husband who pushed her to commit suicide.

Brownskin real name Michael Macharia Njiiri was charged with aiding suicide and not doing all he could to prevent the suicide of his late wife Sharon.

Sharon’s brother Benson Mwangi while testifying told court that brownskin could have prevented the death of his late sister.

Mwangi further said he has never gotten the chance to ask the DJ why he took the video of his sister committing suicide or why he never prevented the suicide.

Mwangi’s wife Catherine also took to the stand telling court that she believes that he incited his late wife to commit suicide because in the video he says “mix them gather them.

Catherine said her late sister-in-law had earlier cited frustration from her marriage after her husband moved from their matrimonial home.

However, it also emerged that the late Sharon was violent toward her husband.

This came out during cross examination of her brother Mwangi who said Sharon was a violent woman and that at one point he became furious and broke her husband’s car windscreen, a case which was reported to the police.

“She was violent, at one given moment she became furious and broke windscreen belonging to Macharia, Macharia reported the incident to police,” Mwangi said.

Sharon Njeri Mwangi died on July 29, 2022 after taking poison while her husband recorded the act which led to an uproar from Kenyans which led to him being charged.

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