Daughter of US based woman who claims to be late minister Nyachae’s widow denies being bitter with her mother and siblings

The Daughter of a US based woman who claims to be late Simeon Nyachae’s widow has disowned her mother’s case saying she knows who her father is and it’s not Nyachae.

In the case, Margaret Chweya has sued the administrators of the late Nyachae’s multi-billion estate laying a claim to it saying she was a wife to the late and her three children are entitled to the vast properties.

However, her daughter Patricia Moraa Odero while testifying today before court distanced herself from her mother telling court that her father is George Gordon Odero and not Nyachae as claimed by her mother.

She also went against her two brother’s statements who had testified alongside their mother saying Nyachae was their father and they had a relationship with him.

Patricia who told Justice Eric Ogola that she is not close with her mother said she grew up in the US with her dad after he got sole custody for her.

However, Chweya’s lawyer Danstan Omari put her on the spot during cross-examination accusing her of being bitter with her mother thus coming to testify against her.

Patricia who said she is not close with her mother claimed that her mother had tried getting custody of her when she was young yet she knew that she did not have the money to take care of her.

Omari then put her to task to tell the court one kind word to describe her mother who was present in court while her daughter testified which she failed to do saying the only thing she did was give birth to her.

While painting a picture of a strained relationship between the two, Omari wanted to know when Patricia’s mother last visited her house to which she said around 2018 further adding that they don’t talk or communicate.

“I put it to you that you are bitter with your mother and that’s why you have come here to recant the evidence you had initially given to court” Omari said.

Patricia denied that saying she was only in court to set the record straight and also tell her truth adding that she still loves her mother no matter their differences and distance between them.

Omari also poked holes in Patricia’s testimony asking her how she knew that Odero was her father when her mother had clearly stated that it was Nyachae.
“Between you and your mother who is best placed to know who your father is. Do you know where you were conceived?”

Patricia said she knows its Odero and they even carried out a DNA test in 2022 which allegedly confirmed that he was his father.

Omari then wanted to know where the test was conducted and she said they carried out an online paternity test.

Omari then asked how authentic the test was since they didn’t go any medical facility but mailed the samples to the facility which in turn mailed results back to them.

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