Court suspends operationalization of the Senate Oversight fund

The high court has suspended the operationalization of the Senate Oversight Fund pending hearing and determination of a case filed by six nominated senators challenging it.

In the case, senators Raphael Mwinzagu, Catherine Mumma, Tabitha Munene, Hamida Kibwana, Miraj Abdillahi and Crystal Asige moved to court and faulted the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) arguing that they were excluded.

They claim that PSC excluded them because they are nominated senators and not elected as their counterparts further saying its discriminatory.

However, they argue that all senators regardless of their mode of election have a constitutional mandate of exercising oversight over county affairs.

“The constitution does not distinguish between elected and nominated senators in the exercise of their roles,” reads the papers

The senators have been directed to serve PSC with their application in the next seven days and PSC also has seven days to respond to the case.

The Case will be mentioned October 12 to confirm compliance and further directions.

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