Convicts in late MP Thuo’s murder case maintain their innocence.

Six convicts who were found guilty for the murder of late MP George Thuo have maintained their innocence telling court that they are only victims of circumstances.

While mitigating before Justice Roseline Korir on Tuesday, the convicts through Lawyer Dr. John Khaminwa said the court should not be seen to sacrifice the interest of the children of the convicted offenders in order to appease the spirit of the society.

Khaminwa pleaded with the court to sentence the convicts to a non custodial sentence saying that there is no amount of punishment that would bring back the life of the deceased.

Andrew Karanja Wainaina in his mitigation said he is a Victim of geography and time, saying that at some point in time he sat at the same table with the deceased and that alone bought him a ticket to a murder conviction.

The court was also told that in a criminal trial, there is nothing harder than mitigating for a convict who entirely believes he/she is innocent.

In her part, Ruth Watahi Irungu said she is a Preacher and that she only found herself in the situation she is today because she was social and generous, she went to the club found the deceased and because of her generosity bought him a beer which she is not aware whether it was poisoned.

She further said she did not take part in the murder completely and that she left immediately after buying him the beer and there has never been any evidence tabled before court to prove that late Hon. Thuo indeed opened or drunk the said beer.

Thuo was found dead and upon medical examinations it was found that he had taken a poisonous drink.

The six will be sentenced on June 21

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