City Lawyer Omari sues media houses who falsely reported that the court had ordered EACC to investigate him.

City Lawyer Danstan Omari has sued media houses who reported misleading and false news that the court had ordered EACC to investigate him over extortion claims.

In the demand letters to the media houses, Omari says the publications are misleading and false because no where in the ruling did the judge order EACC to investigate him.

“you have falsely and maliciously lied to the public that in a ruling delivered on 10th January, 2024, Justice Nixon Sifuna ordered for the investigation of our Client Mr. Danstan Omari as wel as his Client for allegedly being involved in a 2 Million extortion scheme a fact that is not true and not captured anywhere in the judge’s ruling,” the demand reads.

Through the lawfirm of Masaki and Gathu advocates, Omari says the articles have cast aspersions on his integrity by falsely and maliciously insinuating that he is corrupt and an extortionist who conducts himself in a dishonest manner.

Lawyer Wycliffe Omayio says that the media houses conduct is a clear assault on his clients reputation which has cost him to lose valuable business from his high valued clients who paid retainers running into thousands of shillings if not millions to procure his services.

“your publication was uncalled for and unjustified since it was not true and has been injurious to our client’s economic rights as well as his emotional and pschological well- being,” the letter reads.

Omayio wants an immediate and unconditional apology and retraction of the false and malicious stories about Omari to be featured in your electronic media within 8 hours of receipt of the demand.

Further, he wants an immediate and unconditional admission of wrong doing on their part for running and printing unverified information.

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