A man who obtained 17 M from a woman in a vehicle import scam has been charged

A man who obtained over 17 M from a woman in a vehicle import scam was on Monday charged with conspiracy to defraud.

It was alleged that in 2023, Samuel Maina Muchiri conspired to defraud Irene Wanjiku Mark a sum of Sh 11, 545, 000 by falsely pretending that he would import for her two motor vehicles.

He was charged with another count of obtaining Sh 5,840,000 from the same complaint by false pretences that he would import for her two other motor vehicles.

The prosecution further alleged thatMaina on October, 13, 2023 at Equity Bank, Nanyuki Branch with intent to defraud, obtained a further 800,000 from Wanjiku.

He denied the charge before Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe and asked the court to grant him reasonable bond.

He was released on Ksh 2 million bond with an alternative cash bail of Ksh 700,000.

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