62-year-old drug dealer ordered to pay 3.7 M fine or 3 years in jail for trafficking heroine.

A 62-year-old woman who was found guilty of trafficking heroine alongside her two daughters and son-in-law has been ordered to pay a fine of Sh3.7million.

Rose Musanda has an alternative of serving 3 years in jail if she will not be able to raise the fine stipulated by court.

JKIA Magistrate Christine Njagi said she had considered her mitigation by lawyers and said the law stipulates a fine of three times the value of drugs she was charged for.

Musanda’s daughter Mercy will pay Sh1 Million fine or alternative serve one year while her sister Ann and her husband Joseph Mugo will each pay Sh 3.3 M or five years in jail.

The four were arrested in Kinoo in June 2019 in a sting operation by the police who described them as major controllers of the narcotics market in Westlands, Kangemi, Uthiru, Kinoo and Kikuyu areas.
In 2020, a year after her arrest, Musanda lost property worth millions after court found that the money was from proceeds of crime being selling drugs.
Musanda lost five minibuses and Sh 1.78 million that was being held in two banks.
The Asset Recovery Agency had argued that Rose was using the matatu business to hide her drug trafficking business.
The court had been told that Rose was constantly changing her businesses which indicated that she was concealing the benefits of her ill trade.
In Mitigation, Musanda the matriarch had pleaded with the court to grant her lenient sentence saying she was a victim of circmstances.

She said due her poor upbringing she may have made bad decisions especially her late spouse who may have influenced her into the business.

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