500 Njiru residents to get their day in court as they are enjoined in the Kirima land dispute cases as interested parties

500 Njiru residents will also now get their day in court as they have been enjoined in the case where foreigner Bernado Vicezo De Masi has challenged courts decision to issue land to Kirima family.
The matter was mentioned today before Justice D Mwangi and the court heard that there was no opposition to them being enjoined in the case as interested parties.

The court further directed the matter to be mentioned on the 20th December 2023 before the head of land division Justice Mbugua alongside similar matters filed in court on the same issue.
Currently, there is an order barring the demolition and eviction of the residents in Njiru land by the Kirima family pending hearing of one of the cases filed by other residents.

Justice Hellen Omollo issued temporary injunction stopping the demolition and eviction of residents slated for December 31 pending hearing of case filed by other residents.In their application through lawyer Danstan Omari, the residents say the issues before this court directly affect them and through their Chairperson George Olola wanted to be part of the case. Olola said he represents numerous residents who have ordinarily been residing on the subject property for the last 40 to 50 years and consequently, the suit before court directly affects them.

Runway view Residents association as they refer themselves to claimed Bernardo has been engaging them with the aim of reaching a settlement and subsequently make individual transfers to the encroachers thus regulating their controversial occupancy.

Njiiru Residents with their lawyer Danstan Omari

“That to that effect, the area chief Njiiru approached the applicant informing them that the plaintiff to the suit who is the legal owner over the property wishes to process titles to the applicants,” Olola claimed.

However, Omari argued that his clients are admitting to be encroachers having duly bought the property of residence, issued with certificates and issued allotment letters by county council.He said that the residents would suffer irreparable harm if the court does not enjoin them as interested parties to the suit owing to their vested interest.

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