30 years jail term for school cook who defiled his colleague’s five-year-old daughter in a classroom.

A 20-year-old school cook in Eldoret will spend the next 30 years in jail after he confessed to defiling a five-year old girl who is a daughter to one his colleagues.

Eliakim Kemboi appeared before an Eldoret court on Wednesday where he confessed to defiling the minor who is a PP2 student in her classroom.

Kemboi works with the victim’s mother who is said to have caught him touching her daughter inappropriately after he had already removed her underwear.

In mitigation Kemboi pleaded with the Eldoret Chief Magistrate Caroline Wattimah to have leniency on him saying he had not performed the act when the child’s mother caught him.

“I had removed her underwear and when her mother came screaming, I left the classroom after she refused to listen to me to that we could talk about the matter,” his statement reads in part.

Magistrate Wattimah ruled that even though Kemboi claimed that he had defiled the minor when her mother came, just the act of him stripping the young child her underwear was a clear indication that he had a wrong motive.

“Your actions and your plea have confirmed that you are not a good person and more to the minor who knew you. This court sentences you to 30 years imprisonment.” the court ruled.

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