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Court Helicopter News

Court Helicopter News​ a news website and  legal publication with content that is entirely defined by the significant legal news from around the country.

Our editorial focus tracks legal news from across key practices areas, jurisdictions and sectors. We are one of the very few publications that can boast editorial scope in the both the established and emerging markets.

Our editorial team source, create and follow key legal news and events to produce sharp and insightful comment on today’s legal landscape.

A multi-platform approach to news…
We create, follow and report legal news. Here’s how we publish it:

Court/Legal Updates – Sent to a subscription database of paid for print and free to view digital versions;
Online – by practice area and by region. Updated as it happens, minute by minute, hour by hour;
Print and digital – Print for the traditionalists among us and digital for those who prefer pixels;
Twitter – Follow us on Twitter – all online news is automatically ‘tweeted’ – @courthelicopter.ke;
For detailed information on distribution, readership and editorial policy please refer to the media pack

For editorial enquiries please contact editor@courthelicopter.ke

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